Frans Lotz

Kilroy Wasn't Here 2020,

Painted Steel
4.5 x 6.5 x 3.25 in

Frans Lotz was born in South Africa but grew up mostly in Regina. He completed his bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2015 at the University of Regina and worked as a studio assistant for the late Joe Fafard.

Lotz is interested in the relationship between people and manufactured objects in their environment. To achieve striking authenticity in his tiny versions of ubiquitous objects, Lotz labours over a coal-fired forge, turns wood on a lathe and collaborates with graffiti and textile artists.

Playing with scale is a standard approach to sculpture – his previous work includes miniature hand tools, a bicycle and a dart board. Lotz chooses his subjects because something about them, the visual rhythm, perhaps, or some amusing element, catches his eye. He begins by sketching his subject from multiple angles, and prides himself on not measuring or making scaled plans.

His attraction to dumpsters he says comes from his fondness of alleys. “If I’m walking somewhere, I’ll walk down the alley instead of the street.” It seems to be the honesty of the alley that attracts him -unlike front yards, where people typically put on a show for their neighbours. “If you’re walking down an alley, you see a bit more of how people actually live.”

Frans Lotz is represented in Regina by Slate Fine Art Gallery, has shown work at the Art Gallery of Regina, participated in the Emma International Collaboration and has been featured in Galleries West.
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