A.Y. Jackson

From Dr. MacCallum's Cottage, Georgian Bay, 1921,

oil on board
8.5 x 10.5 in

Collectors Gallery, Montreal
Loch Gallery Inc. Winnipeg
Heffel, May 25, 2006

Jackson first returned to Georgian Bay in the summer of 1919 after being discharged from the army.
The area served as a seasonal magnet for artists due to the generosity of ophthalmologist
Dr. J.M. MacCallum who invited A.Y. Jackson to stay with him and his family in the rambling cottage he had built on property he owned near Go Home Bay. Mingling with the genial doctor, his family and guests, A.Y. found Georgian Bay a productive and picturesque setting.

A.Y. Jackson reminisced, “Georgian Bay has been one of my happy hunting grounds for camping and fishing at all seasons, and in all kinds of weather.”
- A.Y. Jackson, A Painter’s Country

“From MacCallum’s Cottage” is a unique “Group Period” Georgian Bay work. Knowing that A.Y. painted it while staying with Dr. MacCallum near Go Home Bay enhances the importance and desirability of this piece.