Lawren Harris

Winter - Algonquin Park c. 1916,

oil on board
10.5 x 13.25 in

Ex. Private collection, Vancouver, B.C.

Lawren Harris was often curious about the landscape painting of his own time and his response to it could be immediate. Never was it more rapid than in January 1913, when he and J.E.H. MacDonald traveled to Buffalo's Albright Art Gallery to see the exhibition, Contemporary Scandinavian Art. MacDonald and Harris' attention was drawn to the late Impressionist inspired northern landscapes by Otto Hesselbom, Harald Sohlberg and Gustaf Fjaestad. In a lecture recalling the impact of these painters upon Harris and himself, MacDonald stated, "Harris and I were fortunate in this exhibition. We were full of associated ideas. Not that we had ever been to Scandinavia, but we had feelings of height and breadth and depth and colour and sunshine and solemnity and new wonder about our own country, and we were pleased to find a correspondence with these feelings of ours ... the picture might have been all Canadian, and we felt this is what we want to do for Canada."
Paul Duval, Lawren Harris, Where the Universe Sings, p. 74

From 1915 to 1918, the only works Harris exhibited can all be described as decorative landscape or tree studies - the majority, if not all, dealing with snow subjects.

With the Roman numeral VI and price of $50 written on the back, it is possible this sketch was shown in an early Ontario Society of Artists Exhibition. "Winter - Algonquin Park" has been in the same private collection since 2002.

Surprisingly on the back side of "Winter - Algonquin Park" you will find an unfinished work. Very rare for a Lawren Harris sketch.