Andrew McKay

Painted Cart at Kahshe Lake,

Acrylic, ink, graphite on panel
18 x 24 in


During the time of its peak years, the resort at Kahshe Lake, Ontario was a popular vacation destination. Based on the American Plan Package, the resort would offer meals three times a day in addition to the rooms available for rest on the second floor of the main building. The dining room was closed in the 1980s when vacation trends changed, and while the resort remained under family ownership, the premises have fallen into disrepair. The entire second floor has been condemned; the dirt parking lot has eroded and becomes an absolute mire during rainstorms; collections of rubbish lie here and there.

Off amongst one of these garbage mounds is an excitingly-painted cart of plywood with two wheels affixed at the front end. I’d guess it was probably a sort of ice-cream cart that would be driven around the grounds during better days, but what really impresses me is that despite the entire property having been blanketed in neglect, the cart has resisted time and retains its vitality.