W.J. Phillips

Howe Sound, B.C., 1935

Colour woodcut

Ex. Private collection, B.C.

Between 1926 until he moved to Victoria in 1960, Walter J. Phillips made a number of trips to British Columbia. He drew much inspiration from the mountain landscapes around Lake O'Hara, and especially from the trips he took to some of the more remote coastal areas of British Columbia where he visited a number of the Siwash and Kwakiutl villages. Many works were derived from the sketches he made during these trips, including some of his greatest watercolours, colour woodcuts and wood engravings.

"I looked up Howe Sound on a grey day and saw blue-grey mountains one behind the other in receding planes each clearly delineated. The next day the sun shone - the mountains, all save the nearest, appeared to lie on one plane, and the whole mass formed a silhouette of pale blue. They are never the same."
-WJ Phillips

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