Alex Colville

Woman on Diving Board 1989,

Raw sienna, white and grey ink on paper
8.5 x 10.75 in


Study for:
Woman on Diving Board 1989
Acrylic on polymer emulsion on Masonite
19x32.5 in.
Private collection

Heffel Gallery, Vancouver, 1989
Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver
Private Collection, Vancouver

Alex Colville, Embarkation, The Genesis of Painting,
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts,
Sept. 9, 1994 – Jan. 15, 1995.

“I see the woman as relaxed, serene, and in accord with the sea. There is no diving board in Wolfville harbour.”
-Alex Colville

Unlike some artists whose purpose is to represent real people and places, Alex constructs scenes that have never happened except in his imagination. To do this, he uses images of the things he sees and cares about as he goes about his daily life – the landscape he can contemplate from the verandah of hi summer house, the wharf at Wolfville, the people he knows, the objects in his house, his dog and cat.
-Philip Fry, Alex Colville, Montreal Museum of Fine Art