Mabel Lockerby

The Haunted Pool 1947,

oil on board
13 x 15 in

Kastel Gallery Inc. Montreal
Mr. Michael Dunn, Montreal
Sale of Canadian Art, Heffel, Nov. 2007
Mr. Ash Prakash, Toronto
Masters Gallery, Calgary
Private collection: British Columbia

Galerie Walter Klinkhoff, Montreal,
Mabel Lockerby Retrospective Exhibition, Sep. 1989,
cat. #15.
Masters Gallery, Calgary, Masterworks from Private
Collections, Loan Exhibition, n.d.

Independent Spirit, Early Canadian Women Artists,
Ash Prakash, 2008, p. 147.

This is the oil sketch for the canvas of the same title in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

“Only an artist with Lockerby’s defiant temperament could have painted this powerful landscape with its controlled vitality and dramatic force. She communicated movement and created a living organism consistent with her own feelings of revolt against conventional taboos.”
Mr. Ash Prakash, Independent Spirit, Early Canadian Women Artists